Teams 2018

The Big Ears

As the name implies we are keen on hearing birds and their vocalisations and we will try and record as many species as possible without seeing them. We can also use the other senses such as feel, touch and taste but we think this might be difficult/mean. We will sound record the whole day, then we can also hear what the other teams say about us. This is the first year we have taken part but coincidentally we have sound recordings from last year which should ensure that team Dutch Birding behave themselves.

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Boulevard Birders

The Boulevard Birders are Bernd de Bruijn, Jip Louwe Kooijmans, Kees de Pater and Ruud van Beusekom. All team members work for Vogelbescherming Nederland (BirdLife Netherlands), which is located at Boulevard 12 in Zeist. The office is situated in an expensive neighborhood, but whoever thinks we are spoiled, do not be mistaken! We combine a well thought out strategy with a sound knowledge of Texel and have more than 150 years of birdwatching experience between us. And of course, the house martin is our favorite species. We will go to extreme lengths to win the Texel Big Day and to raise a lot of money for this Red Listed species. Our tough training schedules are coming to an end: We are ready!

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Team 3T

In 2018, a dream will come true for Thomas. In recent years he had hoped to take part in a Big Day, but his health (operations or extreme fatigue) had prevented him from doing so. But this year he is ready! Besides Thomas, team 3T consists of Thea and Tjasker. Thea has become the bird friend of Thomas; both sharing a passion for birds and the outdoors. Tjasker is Thomas’s mate from the care farm, where they met and became friends for life. In addition to birding, Tjasker and Thomas share another passion: listening to heavy metal music and attending concerts.

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Team Localpatchers bestaat uit een viertal vogelaars en (semi-) Texelaars wiens hart ligt bij niet alleen het zien en vinden van vogels van op het eiland, maar ook het beschermen daarvan.

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De Peregrines

Team de Peregrines, consisting of Remco Hofland, Kees de Vries, Paul Schrijvershof and Bertus de Lange are all birds, and nature lovers. For the charity alone, they are happy to cycle around Texel for 24 hours. But of course they also hope to discover fantastic species during this Texel Big Day!

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As the name suggests of our team suggets, we represent the excellent web-portal Team Meer consists of Peter, Frank and Robert van der Meer. All three of us are admins for the site and so it is only a matter of time until the site becomes a family business … 😉

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Team Dutch Birding

This team of seasoned world birders will give the other teams a run for their money this year. Our specialty? Sabotage, also called ‘guerrilla birding’. Extensive knowledge of bird sounds, gulls, migration and 80s classic rock music could just be enough to give us victory.

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Dwaalgasten 2.0

Team Dwaalgasten 2017 komt dit jaar met een update: Dwaalgasten 2.0.  Het team bestaande uit Christophe Reijman, Jeroen van Paridon en Joost Veeken willen in elk geval het persoonlijke record van 110 soorten verbeteren. Ze gaan ervoor!

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  • Nationaal Park Duinen van Texel
  • Vogelinformatiecentrum
  • Natuurmonumenten
  • Staatsbosbeheer
  • Vogelbescherming Nederland
  • VVV Texel

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